Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me.  I am Nancy Stampahar, and I was born into inspiration. I say I was born into inspiration because I learned firsthand from my single-parent mother and late, intellectually disabled brother how to make lemonade out of lemons. I know what it takes to overcome life’s challenges and heartaches.


I am so glad you have chosen to explore how you too can overcome your challenges and heartaches. Life is hard; and life is wonderful. I want to help you overcome the hard so you can enjoy the wonderful.  This is YOUR retirement.  You earned it. You deserve it. Shouldn’t you enjoy it?  Yes. You should!


You may be wondering how someone who is not retired would be an effective retirement life coach. Great question. Please read on to understand why I can help you make the most of your retirement.


I am 60 years old (young in my perspective) and not ready to retire. To be honest, I may never retire because I love my work.  I love making a difference and being of service.  It is particularly important to me to live a life of purpose.


I will never forget the “aha moment” my late brother, Jeff, had when I was driving us to a Pittsburgh hospital where our mother was recovering from her second mastectomy.  Out of the blue, Jeff said, “I know what you do. You go around and make people happy.”  I was taken back by such a profound comment coming from my special needs brother.  Jeff was right because nothing tickled me more than to see my brother smile. And nothing tickles me more than to empower people to live a better life and be the best version of themselves.


Perhaps the latter is because I was a high school dropout and turned my life around for the better. I always say I got my compassion from my brother and drive from my mother. My mother persevered by taking her life from welfare to earning her law degree. Way to go, Mom! My mother and I received higher education degrees in our mid-thirties.


Whether I was employed by a company, worked as a solopreneur or volunteered in multiple capacities since childhood, I have always helped people be and do better for themselves and society.


The professional education and training I received as well as years of experiences, provided me the skills and abilities to be a successful coach, inspirational speaker and workshop facilitator. I have worked with multiple industries, professions and demographics as well as kids and special needs populations. Now, I am working solely with retirees or soon-to-be retirees.


I have always enjoyed seniors.  Perhaps my affinity came from my grandmother, Nanny, who lived with us and took care of me until I helped take care of her. When I was in middle school, Nanny became senile, which is now known as Alzheimer’s Disease. I learned firsthand what it is like living and caring for an elderly person with the struggles of Alzheimer’s.


Along with my personal experience, I worked with many senior living organizations. And not too long ago in my career, I was an Elder Abuse Community Educator. Wow. That experience truly tugged at my heart.  The education I obtained and the victims I met really moved me.  More needs done to protect our elders in America.  Many in our society value aging differently than other parts of the world.


Knowing what I know and experienced are the reasons why I moved to the world’s largest retirement community, The Villages, to care for my mother. In case she reads this, I better add…because I love her too! 😉 We moved from Pennsylvania and have been living in The Villages for three years. We love it! There is a lifestyle for everyone. But then, due to common retirement challenges, there are many Villagers feeling stuck and unfulfilled.  In reference to my late brother, I want to help you get happy.


While there is so much more to my inspirational, colorful, and professional backstory, I hope this welcome note helped you capture my essence. 


I wish you a happy retirement!