I am thrilled to have discovered Amava.  With our kindred passions of educating and engaging people to achieve personal growth, I now provide interactive, live events on the Amava platform.

Amava's workshops and coaching events are called Circles.  I pulled together some of my signature content and created virtual workshop and coaching programs for Amava members. One of my interactive programs is called, Mastering Life's Soft Skills to Handle Life's Hard Times.

I also facilitate Amava's own signature Circle called, Design Your Next - Plan Your Best Life. This eight-week series provides similar content to my retirement coaching lifestyle plans; however, the live platform gives you an opportunity to meet and engage with others who are going through similar transitions.

Please check out the descriptions and join me on the Amava platform for stimulating and energizing live events.  You will leave armed with tools and techniques that can be implemented right away.

My Amava Circles also make great gifts for anyone needing help overcoming life's hard times and obstacles. You can give the gift of helping someone get unstuck and live a happy, fulfilled life.

The Amava mission is to empower people and organizations with research-based solutions to keep individuals and teams active, engaged and socially connected. 

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What We'll Cover

In this four-session, (four-week) series you will learn how to bounce back from challenges and master life’s soft skills to increase positivity, productivity and live a happier life.

Topics covered include:

  • Embracing Adversity and Change

  • Discovering Your Behavioral Style

  • Handling Conflict and Saying "No"

  • Adjusting Attitudes and Habits for Success

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This seven-session personalized one-on-one coaching series will help you address your specific challenges so that you can overcome your current obstacles and better handle whatever life throws your way. This series will provide the time needed to develop skills, achieve goals, and move forward armed with practical solutions and tools to help you overcome life's challenging people and situations.

Topics vary based on participant situations and needs (I.E. life changes, assertive communication, conflict resolution, attitude and daily habit shifts). 

Whether you’re an empty nester, preparing for your retirement, already retired, making a career transition or just looking to make some positive changes in your life, this Circle is for you!

This series will take you through well-researched information and specifically designed exercises that will help you determine what you want and need for this stage of your life and support you as you start taking steps forward!

In this eight-week series, you will develop a plan for what’s next so that you can live a more intentional, purposeful and fun life that meets your personal objectives, no matter the stage you’re in!