Life is full of transitions.

Congratulations on YOUR Retirement!  Now What?

Retirement is one of life’s transitions that brings both excitement and disenchantment. Retirement can last anywhere from 10-30+ years. As wonderful as retirement can be, many challenges and transitions will occur physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Depending on the age of retirement and one's longevity, for many retirees, retirement can be overwhelming, boring, or lonely. 

According to Ken Dychtwald, psychologist, gerontologist, founder and chief executive of Age Wave, a consulting and research company, when someone retires, three substantial changes take place, “They struggle with their identity, relationships and activity,” he said. “Some people feel unsettled, anxious or even bored, but eventually they realize that relationships, wellness and purpose really matter — perhaps more than ever.”

A retirement life coach can help you overcome the obstacles and disenchantment retiring may bring as well as help you discover the opportunities retirement brings. Life is getting shorter and going by faster. Now is the time to enjoy the retirement lifestyle you always dreamed of enjoying.


What is a retirement
 life coach?

A retirement life coach works the same as a life coach but with focus on retirees or soon-to-be-retirees for the non-financial aspects of retiring. In a structured and guided process, a retirement life coach can help you make the most out of this phase of your life. A retirement life coach is like having a personal trainer for your life!


Your answers to the following questions will help you realize if a Retirement Life Coach could help you overcome common retirement challenges.

  1. Who are you without your pre-retirement, career, or caregiver identity? Are you feeling lost or disoriented?

  2. Does your lifestyle provide ways to maintain your sense of purpose and self-worth?

  3. Do you and your spouse/partner have too much or too little time together? Are your values and ideas aligned with how you each expect to enjoy your retirement years?

  4. Do your lifestyle routines provide purposeful time spent with fulfilling activities, interests, and continued learning? Do you need help juggling all the fun and freedom?

  5. Are you spending too much time with toxic people? Do you want to let go of the toxic people? Do you want to rekindle past relationships or start new ones?

  6. How do you ensure a healthy attitude towards aging and retirement?

  7. Is your home going to provide safety, access, comfort, and a lifestyle necessary for health and aging changes?

  8. Do you need an accountability partner to help you do the things you know you should do to enjoy a healthy and happy retirement?

  9. Are you feeling lonely, bored, overwhelmed, or disenchanted with retirement?

  10. Do you want to explore ways to thrive during your retirement years?

Retirement Life Coach Nancy provides you with the tools, support and humor you need to create positive shifts that will bring you greater fulfillment and happiness. Nancy's mission is to do everything she can to ensure your "Golden Years" are truly golden.

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About Retirement Life Coach Nancy

Retirement Life Coach Nancy Stampahar is an inspirational catalyst for change. Nancy knows what it takes to overcome tough times and achieve positive results. An adversity and empowerment expert, Nancy authored the self-help, tool book "Peace, Love and Lemonade: A Recipe to Make Your Life Sweeter".

With over 20 years’ experience as a professional and personal development trainer, speaker and coach in diverse industries and demographics, Nancy has helped thousands of individuals achieve positive results. Now serving as a retirement life coach, speaker and workshop facilitator for older populations, as well as a live, virtual instructor for Amava, Nancy continues to empower and teach individuals how to think, do, and be the best version of themselves.  Her professional background and empowerment abilities equip her to help people achieve their goals and find happiness, at any age. More importantly, Nancy's tough life experiences taught her firsthand what it takes to overcome life's challenges. Nancy's compassion and positive energy will help you overcome whatever is keeping you stuck and disenchanted.

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What stage of retirement are you in?

The 5 Stages of Retirement

  1. Pre-Retirement

  2. Full Retirement

  3. Disenchantment

  4. Reorientation

  5. Reconciliation & Stability

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I had the pleasure of hearing Nancy speak at a Villages Enrichment Academy event as the LemonAID Lady. Her material was wonderful and she was magical in her ability to get the audience involved. Her metaphor of using lemons to describe life issues was powerful and extremely creative.

Lindsay Collier, Author and Speaker
The Village of Tall Trees