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Retirement Coaching
Start living your retired life fully revitalized.

Retirement Life Coach, Nancy Stampahar, is a certified transformation life coach for seniors. Through virtual video or in-person coaching sessions, Nancy specializes in the non-financial aspects of the retirement lifestyle. A retirement coach can help you start living your retired life to its fullest by discovering what personally brings you days filled with purpose, meaning, and joy. Read Nancy's published article on the 10 Common Retirement Sand Traps.

"Nancy coaches with wisdom, professionalism, and understanding.  She very effectively steers her clients through the challenges of retirement and senior lifestyle!"

“Nancy is very adept working with her clients to identify their strengths and capabilities.”

"I've worked with other Life Coaches but what I liked about Nancy is that her specialty is working with people close to or in retirement. She also has some very important and insightful pre-session activities for clients that she studies before your sessions. I am thankful to know her and experience her guidance."


"Had I met Nancy when I first retired, her guidance would have been invaluable. With her expertise she would have guided me through so many mistakes I made figuring it out on my own."

Do you need a retirement coach?

If you are experiencing any of the following common retirement challenges, Nancy can help you overcome them and enjoy this chapter in your life.

1.  You enjoyed the initial retirement honeymoon stage and now are disenchanted.
2.  You recently retired and are feeling lost, anxious, and disoriented.
3.  Your health has declined, and you can no longer enjoy your favorite activi
4.  You are a widow/er or soloager needing to chart your own course.
5.  You are going to retire and want to figure out what you will retire to.
6.  You and your spouse/partner have too much time together or your retirement lifestyle visions are  not aligned.
7.  You are overwhelmed and need help balancing and being accountable for the multitude of lifestyle activities, relationships, work, or daily life routines.
8.  You are bored or lonely.
9.  You keep trying to retire but cannot let go of working.
10.You are stuck and not enjoying your golden years.​

Whether you are already retired or soon-to-retire, now is time to create the retirement lifestyle you aspire to live. This is YOUR time. A time of freedom. A time to thrive. Now is the time to transform your well-deserved golden decades into a life that brings you happiness, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose.

Retirement Life Coach Nancy Stampahar in The Villages Florida

Retirement Life Coach Nancy

When Nancy was a kid, she wanted to be a teacher. Remaining true to her calling of teaching and empowering people to grow and become the best version of themselves, as a late bloomer, Nancy chose human resource management as her profession with a concentration on professional and organizational development.


With a 25-year career of coaching and training individuals of diverse demographics, as well as a ton of personal “street smarts”, Nancy recycled her skills and training to solely focus on helping 55+ folks live their best life. Nancy’s professional HR background and advanced life coach training in transformation, transitions, and change equip her to assess individual skills, abilities, and experiences. She can swiftly identify and brainstorm the possibilities for a retiree’s “What's next?”.  Nancy’s resilient personal backstory provided her with great problem-solving skills, a positive attitude, and a tremendous zest for life.

An award-winning author of Peace, Love, and Lemonade: A Recipe to Make Your Life Sweeter, Nancy's expertise, experiences, and enthusiasm will ignite your power within to get unstuck and make lemonade out of lemons in no time at all!  Nancy earned her BSBA in human resource management from Robert Morris University and received The Joe Ott Award for demonstrating volunteerism and leadership.


Along with being featured in numerous local and national publications, Nancy also holds a couple of fun claims to fame. In her kitchen, she created energizing videos that aired on Oprah's OWN network and The Rachael Ray Show. It is Nancy's authentic and enthusiastic personality that make her a dynamic speaker and workshop facilitator.

In addition to coaching clients virtually and locally, Nancy is an instructor for The Enrichment Academy in Florida’s friendliest hometown, The Villages and an energizing speaker for local clubs.  When you see Nancy in action, you see Nancy loves her work. Nancy wants you to get excited about this chapter in your life. This is your time!

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What stage of retirement are you in?

  1. Pre-Retirement

  2. Full Retirement

  3. Disenchantment

  4. Reorientation

  5. Reconciliation & Stability

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