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As your Retirement Coach I can help you:

  • Create a pre-retirement lifestyle plan to help you with the retiring transition.

  • Discover your hidden talents and what sparks or zaps your energy.

  • Move forward after experiencing a life changing circumstance or being stuck at a crossroad.

  • Foster relationships, resolve conflicts, or let go of unhealthy relationships.

  • Focus better to maintain healthy and productive retirement schedules.

  • Discover what gives you meaning and purpose in your life.

  • Align your thoughts and actions with what matters most to you.

  • Optimize your physical, emotional, social, and mental wellbeing.

  • Get happy and enjoy your fabulous golden chapter.

As your coach, I enable you to determine your own answers through the work done in our coaching partnership. I inquire, encourage, brainstorm, challenge, make requests, and listen for your truth so that you remain aligned with who you are, your goals, your values, and your vision. I am your greatest cheerleader and focused on what you want in life. I am a partner who will empower you to enjoy your retirement as you imagined.

My structured, guided process is proven to work when two factors are present:

  1. Clients are willing to learn, grow, and take action.

  2. There is a gap between where a client is now and where he/she wants to be.


My primary purpose is to help you make the most of your retirement transition and overcome the common retirement challenges. Having a retirement lifestyle you enjoy starts with gaining clarity on your values, enabling more meaningful choices and consistent action. Your commitment to your life through coaching offers a means for more happiness, fulfillment, energy, focus, and action in every area of your life. 

​Are you ready to enjoy your retirement?

What does a retirement coach do?

Working with a retirement coach is an engaging process.  The partnership provides a great way to navigate the retirement transition and make the most of your golden chapter after the honeymoon stage is over. A retirement coach can help you identify your unique goals, a plan for achieving them, and provide guidance and encouragement along the way. Whether you're looking to find something fun to do, start a new, or simply enjoy a more relaxed pace of life, a retirement coach can help you make the most of this exciting new chapter in your life.

Whether you live in The Villages or somewhere else in the United States, I am here to help you embrace your later-in-life chapter. Through our collaborative partnership and proactive retirement coaching, you will soon be enjoying your golden years in ways you never thought possible.

The essence of my work is to facilitate your personal growth by helping you discover what will bring you more fulfillment and meaning in your life. I also help you identify the core obstacles and setbacks in your life, so you can overcome them with confidence. With your possibilities in mind, I will create a personalized plan and provide you the tools and humor you need to move you forward and achieve your desired outcomes.

 Get Started

  1. To begin your new retirement journey, contact Nancy to schedule a complimentary,  zero-obligation Discovery Session.

  2. When you connect with Nancy, you will discuss your needs and possibilities as well as gain a clear understanding of what the coaching process looks like.

  3. Based on your needs and possibilities, Nancy will create your Personalized Retirement Lifestyle Plan.  The number of sessions depends on your needs and are mostly held via Zoom or telephone calls. If you live in The Villages area, in-person sessions can be arranged. All plans are tailored to your needs and desired outcomes.

  4. If you accept your Personalized Retirement Lifestyle Plan, you and Nancy will work together to find the retirement change you’ve been seeking.

This is YOUR time! 

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Let's do this.

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