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What People Are Saying About  Retirement Coaching with Nancy

Retirement Life Coach Nancy Stampahar helps design their retirement lifestyle

"I loved the time I spent with Nancy. We had great discussions and her guidance allowed us both to clarify our future goals and "design" our retirement. Thank you so much!"


"Nancy is a terrific Coach and Guide! She was informative, motivational, and was an excellent communicator.”


"Our guide was very relatable, open & easy to talk to.  She was encouraging & most interested in listening to our stories."


"Nancy is an exceptional guide!"


“Please tell my coach Nancy that I used a couple of her techniques last night and had a terrific time.”


"I retired 2 months ago. I wish I would have taken this class then. I would not have struggled so much."


~The above comments were compiled from Nancy's clients on the Amava Platform.

"Nancy did a great job helping me to think about retirement in a new light: it is not the end of something, but rather just another new beginning, which I have done multiple times in my past. "



"I've worked with other Life Coaches but what I liked about Nancy is that her specialty is working with people close to or in retirement. She also has some very important and insightful pre-session activities for clients that she studies before your sessions. I am thankful to know her and experience her guidance."


“Nancy is very adept working with her clients to identify their strengths and capabilities.”


"I love Nancy's positive spirit!  I am grateful to know her and have been uplifted in her presence."



"Nancy coaches with wisdom, professionalism, and understanding.  She very effectively steers her clients through the challenges of retirement and senior lifestyle!"



"Had I met Nancy when I first retired, her guidance would have been invaluable. With her expertise she would have guided me through so many mistakes I made figuring it out on my own."

"I had the good fortune of attending two presentations given by Retirement Coach, Nancy Stampahar.  Nancy's positive energy and sense of humor set the tone for a fun, informative, and engaging interaction with the audience members.  The information and strategies that Nancy shared to provide a successful retirement was a hit!  Great job, Nancy!"

~Beth C.

“I had the pleasure of hearing Nancy speak at a Villages Enrichment Academy event. Her material was wonderful and she was magical in her ability to get the audience involved. Her metaphor of using lemons to describe life issues was powerful and extremely creative.”

 ~Lindsay Collier, Author and Speaker


“Nancy wows her audiences! Not only was she well received by the audience, but she was also easy to work with, personable and spent extra time listening to the others. Her high energy and enthusiasm were amazing. You won't be disappointed when hiring Nancy.”

 ~Neal Kimball, Good Dog Training


“Nancy recently presented to us (a group of long-term care activity professionals) on work-life balance.  She did an excellent job of helping us realize how we can "hold the power" and make good choices for ourselves.  Everything was presented with humor and grace, and we could all relate.  This was one of the best programs this group has heard in a long time!”

 ~Jane Langan, ADC President, Association of Recreation for Special Populations


“Your keynote address, “It’s Never Too Late to Get Happy!” set the stage for the entire conference!  I truly appreciate how you tailored your presentation to the needs of the group – you took a topic that is often considered “soft” but had each of asking ourselves some “hard” questions. The sponsored gift or your autographed copies of “Peace, Love and Lemonade” allowed the audience to take your message home with them!”

 ~Mary O’Connor, Ph.D., RN, Chair, SWPONL Education Commission


"Nancy might be surprised to know that I have kept every post, every video, every email she has sent because to me, they are like my favorite kind of morning, fresh and reviving. The first time I met Nancy, she was giving a lunch time seminar in downtown Pittsburgh at the Carnegie Library. I was refreshed immediately. And as time went on and some of my work circumstances changed, she assisted me personally, to gather up inner strength & move forward.  Her vision for all of us is seeing the good, the potential, the value we all have, even if our own eyes cannot see it or if our own hearts cannot feel it. There are a few very precious things I hope that my mind never loses the memory it has of them, and Nancy is one of those treasures I hope to keep.


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