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Thriving Solo – Rediscovering Yourself After Loss

Written by Nancy Stampahar for Villages Neighbors Magazine

Widow thriving after loss and enjoying life independently.  Older woman running and listening to music.

When you lose your spouse or partner, you are forced to travel on an unknown journey. Your journey will no longer include the familiar and comfortable daily routines you once shared with your loved one. Not only will your heart be breaking, you will be left alone to adapt and create new routines and activities; but mostly, you must also rediscover or perhaps discover for the first time who you are traveling through life not as a couple, but as one. You must thrive solo. You can thrive solo.

The only way to embrace thriving solo is to know who you are and what makes you unique and wonderful. When your spouse or partner as well as your couple identities are gone, you must travel the unknown territory of “who you are” - your authentic identity. You may wake asking yourself, “Who am I now?” or “What is my purpose now?”.

While rediscovering who we truly are can be scary, it is mostly empowering and joyful to live an authentic life. When you live according to your own values, unique interests, and abilities, you will live your life more content, purposeful, and fulfilled.


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